Friday, March 19, 2010

Pongo's "Education (Intro)"

Since we have limited editions of The Malcolm X Mixtape, I'll try to put excerpts here to give you a better feel for the project. The mixtape has two sections, videos produced by our contributor Al Henderson and music produced by Dometi Pongo.

Here's a sample from the opening song "Education (Intro).

Pongo provides the rhymes. He worked with collaborators from Chicago to provide the music and commentary. (Note: As a rapper, Pongo is known as Prophecy, hence the Dj's references to "Prophecy" and "Proph" throughout).

from "Education:"

I can teach u how to grind make a couple thousand without a dime
without a crime joe I do dat all the time
I can teach ya how to shine, read a Scripture at a time get cha
mind right and everything else will get in line.
I can teach u how to take a city over make an army outta
soldiers break bread wit ya team how u posed to
Cuz I'm a boss, never took a loss,
Learn from me I guarantee u takin off, baby
This is Education (4x)

The Malcolm Mixtape
from Pongo’s “Miss Amerikkka”
from Henderson’s “Revolution”

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