Thursday, March 18, 2010

EBR Focus on Amiri Baraka

This week's video features Eugene B. Redmond reading a tribute poem that focuses on poet Amiri Baraka.

Maya Angelou, Katherine Dunham, and Quincy Troupe are the well known figures whom Redmond has photographed most. However, I have always viewed Baraka as a crucial muse for Redmond's photographic work on poets. The images of Baraka that appear in the EBR Collection have a certain intrigue energy and appeal that is quite noticeable.

Arched Bishop of New Ark

Arched Bishop of New Ark, his laureateship,
Breach-strider, trouble-rider, funk-glider,
Boperatic scatman; another lion, like Willie, Duke,
Sterling, Bud, Dr. W.E.B.; poet whose whistle
Announces that the activist’s pot is boiling.
Cynosure of Ankh’s Headeyes.

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