Saturday, March 9, 2024

Entries for Multi-threaded Literary Briefs

Here's a roundup of the entries for our Multi-threaded Literary Briefs project. 

Multithreaded Literary Briefs 
Key scenes
Novel adaptations
• Book & Literary History
• Literary Data Work
• Style & Structure
• Lists
• Reading & Teaching Fiction
• Afrofuturism
• Teaching Morrison Beyond Fiction
• Award-winning Fiction
• A Checklist of Octavia Butler's books
• A Checklist of Marc Olden's books
• Reading The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead
• The Epistolary Structure of The Color Purple
• A Checklist of Neo-Slave Narratives
• The Literary Data Gallery
• A Brief History on How Pauline Hopkins  v  Published 3 Novels in 3 Years
• A Checklist of Toni Morrison's works
• A Checklist of Colson Whitehead’s works
• 25 Novels Adapted to films and miniseries
• Pauline Hopkins and a Legacy of Fiction Publishing
• The Processes of Literary Data Work
• Antebellum Slave Narrative
• Barbara Christian, Black women novelists, and Berkeley
• Multigenerational Novels
• Multiperspective Novels
• Neo-Slave Narrative
• Contemporary Narratives of Slavery
• Racial Passing
• The Flying African
• Trope of the Tragic Mulatta
• The question white folks could not stop asking Toni Morrison
• Historical Fiction
• The Battle Royal scene from Invisible Man 


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