Wednesday, December 27, 2023

This episode was edited by Elizabeth Cali

We recently reached 100 episodes of our Remarkable Receptions podcast. Nearly every episode closes with the line that "This episode was edited by Elizabeth Cali." One of the first, most important decisions I made with the podcast was convincing Cali to serve as my co-editor for the project.

I have Cali take a look at every script before I submit it to our voice actor. She offers varying degrees of edits and feedback. Sometimes a few corrections here and there, and sometimes several different edits. Either way, the podcast is much better possible because of Cali's editorial insight and efforts.

Although Cali's comments and edits on scripts are invaluable, that's not her main contribution. Long before and during the creation of this podcast, Cali and I have had extended discussions about African American literature, Black literary history and studies, and sharing ideas with students. We've conversed about Toni Morrison and many other writers and cultural figures.  

All those conversations have influencing me, our African American literary studies projects, and the first 100 episodes of Remarkable Receptions. So yes, these episodes were edited (and shaped by) Elizabeth Cali.   


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