Sunday, July 2, 2023

Panels and workshops from the recent MAPS Institute

Here's a list of panels and workshops from the recent MAPS Institute,  "Humanities in the World,  Humanities at Work."
• Beyond the Crisis Narrative: Leading with the Humanities
• Building Undergraduate Career Readiness
• Politics, Pedagogy, and Practice: Academic Freedom Discussions for Leaders
• Meeting Enrollment Challenges in Languages and Literatures
• How to Get Started: Supporting Career Readiness in the Undergraduate Classroom
• High-Impact Practices as a Strategy for Recruitment and Advocacy
• Difficult Colleagues, Difficult Conversations
• The Future of the English Major from Curriculum to Careers
• Standards and Good Practices for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members
• Making the Case for Language Study on Our Campus and Beyond
• Leading a Comparative or Multidisciplinary Program
• Languages for the Professions and Beyond
• Dual Enrollment, and Dual Credit: The Higher Ed Perspective
• Increasing Enrollments in Language and Literature Programs through Innovative Online Offerings
• What the Humanities Can Learn from AI and What AI Can Learn from the Humanities
• AI and Pedagogy
• How to Be a Dean: Careers in Higher Administration
• Finding Funding in the Humanities
• Supporting Student Success at HBCUs and HSIs
• Making the Humanities Accessible to All Students

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