Monday, May 8, 2023

On the English major, death of humanities

Here's a roundup of articles on "the end of English major," which stirred up after an article by Nathan Heller in The New Yorker earlier this year.

• May 3: Where Did All The English Majors Go? - Rebecca Sparacio - Cornell Sun
• April 7: The end of the English major is just the tip of the iceberg - Sydney Emerson - Allegheny Campus
 April 2: Letter from an English Department on the Brink - Sarah Blackwood - The New York Review of Books
 March 9: The English Major, After the End - Andrew Newman - Inside Higher Ed
• March 8: End of the English Major? Hardly! - CUNY Graduate Center
• March 8: Are the humanities at American universities in crisis? - David Herman - The Article
• March 1: Go ahead and major in English. You’ll be fine! - Matt Pearce - Los Angeles Times
February 28: Praise for Nathan Heller's "The End of the English Major" -- Odile Hobeika - Medium
• February 27: The End of the English Major - Nathan Heller - The New Yorker

• January 28: The Death of the Humanities - Victor Davis Hanson - Hoover Institution 


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