Monday, April 10, 2023

Two books, one press

What's the connection between a book about unruly black men and a book about the sacred texts of black women? 
Well, it happens to be a common press. 

My book, Bad Men: Creative Touchstones of Black Writers (2020) and my colleague Tisha Brook's book Spirit Deep: Recovering the Sacred in Black Women's Travel (2023) were both published by the University of Virginia Press.

Our books both appear in the Literary Criticism category as one common category with the press. Brooks's book also appears in the Religion & Philosophy subject area, and the book is part of the Studies in Religion and Culture series at the press.

Brooks and I have been having a wide-ranging conversation about African American literary studies and teaching that has gone on now for several years. Our research interests seemed to diverge in various ways, so it's cool that our books both appeared with the University of Virginia Press. 


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