Saturday, April 22, 2023

A checklist of works by and on Juliana Spahr, Stephanie Young, and Claire Grossman

Given the literary data work that my brother Kenton and I have been doing recently along with my longstanding work on prizes and awards, I've taken note of the research and articles produced by Juliana Spahr, Stephanie Young, and Claire Grossman. They have been gathering and presenting work related to poetry and prizes. 

Here's a checklist of articles by them and about their work.  

• May/June: Literary Prizes Under Scrutiny - Jen DeGregorio - Poets & Writers

• April 15: Who Gets to be a Writer? - Grossman, Young, and Spahr - Public Books

• Summer: Literature’s Vexed Democratization - Grossman, Spahr, and Young - American Literary History

• November 11: On Poets and Prizes -- Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young -- ASAP Journal 

• September 20: The Program Era and the Mainly White Room -- Spahr and Young - Los Angeles Review of Books

• Fall: Numbers Trouble - Spahr and Young - Chicago Review

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