Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Writing about Black Men Writers

The rise of Black Women Writers classes in English department course offerings over the last 30 years represents a major achievement in the history of African American literary studies. Given my focus in Bad Men, however, I gave some thought to black men writers. 

Now, some individual writers who are black men have been highlighted and received extensive attention. But it's not common to see folks provide extensive writing on groups or generations of black men writers who address overlapping topics in their works. 

Tyehimba Jess, Aaron McGruder, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Kevin Young, Amiri Baraka, Paul Beatty, Trymaine Lee, Colson Whitehead, Adrian Matejka, and many more were central to my thoughts on bad men and vulnerable black boys as creative touchstones. The processes of producing my book gave me a chance to present and expand ideas about black men writers.    


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