Sunday, February 12, 2023

What's the Spring 2023 Group assignments & Schedule?

Students will be divided into two groups for Public Thinking Exhibits (PTEs) this semester. Students will be notified of their assigned group via email. You may be assigned to a different group from your classmates or friends. 

Students assigned to Group A who are unable to attend PTEs due to ongoing scheduling conflicts should email immediately to be reassigned

Students taking FAME/GAME (ENG111) this semester will attend PTEs during the FAME/GAME class time and do not need to be reassigned.

Group A: PTE #1A: Wed. 1/25 OR Thur. 1/26   (Time: 15 minutes between 12 - 3 p.m. for  Location: 
Group A: PTE #2A: Wed. 2/22 OR Thur. 2/23
Group A: PTE #3A: Wed. 3/29 OR Thur. 3/30

Note, for Group A: Time: Attend Wednesday or Thursday, for approximately 15 minutes, any time between 12 - 3:00 pm. Location: Eugene B. Redmond Center, 2nd floor of Lovejoy Library


Group B: PTE #1B: Wed. 2/8 - Thur. 2/9
Group B: PTE #2B: Wed. 3/1 - Thur. 3/2
Group B: PTE #3B: Wed. 4/5 - Thur. 4/6

Note, for Group B: The surveys can be completed at any time on Wed. or Thur. Response Surveys due on Thursdays by 11:59 p.m. Online (links will be emailed)

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