Saturday, February 25, 2023

Amiri Baraka's many references in "Jungle Jim Flunks His Screen Test"

Amiri Baraka mentions and critiques a wide range of people, things, and ideas in his poem "Jungle Jim Flunks His Screen Test." I discuss the poem at length in my book, citing Baraka's approach as a notable example of what I call "concentrated cultural cataloging," which refers to artistic creators making multiple referencing in a single composition.  

Here's a checklist of Baraka's references:

• "Night in Tunisia" 
• Adolf Hitler 
• Armstrong Williams 
• Assassination 
• Barbara Bush 
• Benito Mussolini 
• Cab Calloway 
• Clarence Pendleton 
• Clarence Thomas 
• Denmark 
• Devil doo doo 
• Dizzy Gillespie 
• Francisco Franco
• Fran├žois "Papa Doc" Duvalier 
• George W. Bush 
• Ghouls 
• God 
• Halloween 
• Jeffrey Dahmer 
• Jerry Falwell 
• John Ashcroft 
• Jungle Jim 
• Lynch mob 
• Mobutu Sese Seko 
• Oscar Wilde 
• Police 
• Prison 
• Satan 
• September 11, 2001 
• Spiro Agnew 
• The Devil 
• Theodore G. Bilbo 
• Tor Johnso ("the Swedish Angel") 
• Trent Lott 
• Vampire 
• White people 
• White supremacy 
• Winston Churchill 
• Zombie vomit 
• Zoo dirt

This entry is part of a series--28 Days & Ways of Thinking about Bad Men & Vulnerable Black Boys.

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