Tuesday, January 31, 2023

William J. Harris's Notebook sketches

At some point early in the editing process for the folio "I Hope You Like Being Here with Me: The Work of William J. Harris," editors at Poetry asked me if Professor Harris had any materials from notebooks or journals that he might include. I decided to ask. 

Listen, I wasn't fully prepared for the wonderful response. 

It turns out that for years, Professor Harris has been keeping journals, where he produces little drawings and sketches. Often, he draws what interests him at the many museums he visits in New York City. So when I asked him if he had any materials that I might show, he responded with a few snapshots from his journals. 

It's amazing that I've communicated with Professor Harris now for over 20 years and never thought to ask enough questions about his process. I had no idea about those notebooks, those artistic treasures of his. 

I'm glad I know now, and I'm pleased Poetry readers will get a glimpse at his process as well. 


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