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100+ Volumes of Black Poetry, 1980 - 1999

I was recently talking with literary scholar Ryan Sharp about black poetry during the 1990s. The conversation had me wondering about publications published in the two decades leading to the 21st century. 

I identified 35 poets and their volumes of poetry. What follows is an incomplete list of those books published between 1980 - 1999. 

1980: The Yellow House on the Corner by Rita Dove
1980: Passion by June Jordan 
1980: Two-Headed Woman by Lucille Clifton
1982: New Music - New Poetry (album) by Amiri Baraka with David Murray And Steve McCall
1982: The Mud Actor by Cyrus Cassells
1982: The Blues Don't Change: New and Selected Poems by Al Young
1982: Poems of Love and Understanding by Lenard D. Moore
1982: There It Is (album) by Jayne Cortez
1982: Chosen Poems: Old and New by Audre Lorde
1982: Season of Hunger/Cry of Rain: Poems 1975-1980 by E. Ethelbert Miller
1982: The Mojo Hands Call, I Must Go by Sterling Plumpp
1982: Firespitter by Jayne Cortez
1983: Museum by Rita Dove
1983: Those Who Ride The Night Winds by Nikki Giovanni 
1983: Imagoes by Wanda Coleman
1984: Across the Mutual Landscape by Christopher Gilbert
1984: Homegirls & Handgrenades by Sonia Sanchez
1984: Copacetic by Yusef Komunyakaa
1984: Skulls Along the River by Quincy Troupe
1984: Coagulations: New and Selected Poems by Jayne Cortez
1985: On Wings Made of Gauze by Nikky Finney
1985: Mama's Promises by Marilyn Nelson
1985: The Open Eye by Lenard D. Moore
1985: Eroding Witness by Nathaniel Mackey
1985: Healing Song for the Inner Ear by Michael S. Harper
1985: Living Room: New Poem by June Jordan
1986: I Apologize for the Eyes in My Head by Yusef Komunyakaa
1986: Thomas and Beulah by Rita Dove 
1986: Our Dead Behind Us by Audre Lorde
1986: Toys in a Field by Yusef Komunyakaa
1986: Maintain Control (album) by Jayne Cortez
1986: Where Are the Love Poems for Dictators? by E. Ethelbert Miller
1986: Sin by Ai
1986: Victims of the Latest Dance Craze by Cornelius Eady
1987: Good Woman: Poems and a Memoir: 1969–1980 by Lucille Clifton
1987: Next: New Poems by Lucille Clifton
1987: Killing Memory, Seeking Ancestors by Haki Madhubuti 
1987: Heavy Daughter Blues: Poems & Stories 1968-1986 by Wanda Coleman
1987: Under a Soprano Sky by Sonia Sanchez
1988: Ten Oxherding Pictures by Lucille Clifton
1988: Dien Cai Dau by Yusef Komunyakaa
1989: Grace Notes by Rita Dove
1989: Blues: The Story Always Untold by Sterling Plumpp
1989: Lyrical Campaigns: Selected Poems by June Jordan
1989: Captivity by Toi Derricotte
1989: Naming Our Destiny: New and Selected Poems by June Jordan
1990: The Homeplace by Marilyn Nelson
1990: Everywhere Drums (album) by Jayne Cortez
1990: African Sleeping Sickness: Stories & Poems by Wanda Coleman
1990: The Venus Hottentot by Elizabeth Alexander
1991: Life According to Motown by Patricia Smith
1991: Fate by Ai
1991: The Gathering of My Name by Cornelius Eady
1991: Weather Reports: New and Selected Poems by Quincy Troupe
1991: Poetic Magnetic: Poems from Everywhere Drums & Maintain Control by Jayne Cortez
1991: Quilting: Poems 1987–1990 by Lucille Clifton
1991: The Eye in the Ceiling: Selected Poems by Eugene B. Redmond
1992: Heaven: Collected Poems: 1956-1990 by Al Young
1992: In the Blood by Carl Phillips
1992: Magic City by Yusef Komunyakaa
1992: Forever Home by Lenard D. Moore
1992: Big Towns, Big Talk by Patricia Smith
1992: What Keeps us Here by Allison Joseph
1993: School of Udhra by Nathaniel Mackey
1993: The Book of Light by Lucille Clifton
1993: Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems by Yusef Komunyakaa
1993: Greed by Ai
1993: Hand Dance by Wanda Coleman
1993: Desert Storm: A Brief History by Lenard D. Moore
1993: Selected Poems by Rita Dove
1993: Close to Death  by Patricia Smith
1993: The Marvelous Arithmetics of Distance by Audre Lorde
1993: Johannesburg & Other Poems by Sterling Plumpp
1993: Local History by Erica Hunt 
1993: First Light: New and Selected Poems by E. Ethelbert Miller
1993: Local History by Erica Hunt
1994: Cheerful & Optimistic (album) by Jayne Cortez
1994: Haruko: Love Poems by June Jordan
1994: Magnificat by Marilyn Nelson
1994: Nothing in Nature is Private by Claudia Rankine
1994: Soul Make a Path Through Shouting by Cyrus Cassells
1994: Knoxville, Tennessee by Nikki Giovanni
1994: Autumn Blues: New Poems by Sonia Sanchez
1994: Continuous Fire: A Collection of Poetry by Sonia Sanchez
1995: You Don't Miss Your Water by Cornelius Eady
1995: Cort├Ęge by Carl Phillips
1995: Wounded in the House of a Friend by Sonia Sanchez
1995: Most Way Home by Kevin Young
1995: Mother Love by Rita Dove
1995: The Weather That Kills by Patricia Spears Jones
1995: Rice by Nikky Finney
1995: Transbluesency: The Selected Poems of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones by Amiri Baraka
1995: Hornman by Sterling Plumpp
1995: Honorable Amendments by Michael S. Harper
1995: Wise, Why's Y's by Amiri Baraka
1996: Funk Lore: New Poems by Amiri Baraka
1996: Taking the Blues Back Home (album) by Jayne Cortez
1996: GroundWork: New and Selected Poems 1966–1996 by Haki Madhubuti
1996: Arcade by Erica Hunt
1996: Avalanche by Quincy Troupe
1996: The Terrible Stories by Lucille Clifton
1996: Arcade by Erica Hunt
1996: The Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni by Nikki Giovanni
1997: The Fields of Praise: New and Selected Poems by Marilyn Nelson 
1997: Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni
1997: In Philadelphia (album) Nikki Giovanni
1997: Body of Life by Elizabeth Alexander
1997: Beautiful Signor by Cyrus Cassells
1997: Does Your House have Lions? by Sonia Sanchez
1997: Somewhere in Advance of Nowhere by Jayne Cortez
1997: Soul Train by Allison Joseph
1997: In Every Seam by Allison Joseph 
1997: The Autobiography of a Jukebox: Poems by Cornelius Eady
1997: Kissing God Goodbye: Poems 1991-1997 by June Jordan
1997: Ornate With Smoke by Sterling Plumpp
1997: Tender  by Toi Derricotte
1997: Matters of Reality:  Body, Mind, and Soul by C. Liegh McInnis
1998: From the Devotions by Carl Phillips
1998: Confessions:  Brainstormin' from Midnight 'til Dawn by C. Liegh McInnis
1998: The End of the Alphabet by Claudia Rankine
1998: Thieves of Paradise by Yusef Komunyakaa
1998: HeartLove: Wedding and Love Poems by Haki Madhubuti
1998: Like the Singing Coming Off of Drums by Sonia Sanchez
1998: Bathwater Wine by Wanda Coleman
1998: Whispers, Secrets, and Promises by E. Ethelbert Miller 
1998: Whatsaid Serif by Nathaniel Mackey
1999: Choruses by Quincy Troupe
1999: Searchin’ for Psychedelica by C. Liegh McInnis
1999: On the Bus with Rosa Parks by Rita Dove
1999: Blues: For All the Changes by Nikki Giovanni
1999: Vice: New and Selected Poems by Ai
1999: Shake Loose My Skin by Sonia Sanchez

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