Sunday, March 20, 2022

Pre-publication of Colson Whitehead's Crook Manifesto

On March 8 on Twitter, Colson Whitehead announced that his newest novel, Crook Manifesto will appear in Summer 2023. Here's a roundup of pre-publication coverage. 

• March 8: Get ready: Colson Whitehead’s new novel is coming next summer - Emily Firetog - LitHub 
•  March 8: Colson Whitehead Tweets Title of His Next Novel - Michael Schaub - Kirkus Reviews
• March 8: Summer 2023 - Twitter

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Unknown said...

Why would he kill an innocent black boy even if it was a fake bullet which is bad is a form of a threat which is not okay whats so ever.

I just want to know the purpose of the reason of those threats, and why the fake bullets.