Sunday, October 17, 2021

A checklist of paintings by Kehinde Wiley

I've been covering artwork by Kehinde Wiley over the last few years with students. Here's a checklist of some of his paintings.

Willem van Heythuysen (2005) 
Portrait of a Venetian Ambassador, Aged 59, II

Morpheus (2008)
• Phillip II (2008)

Treisha Lowe (2012) 
Shantavia Beale II (2012) 
The Two Sisters (2012) 

Juliette Recamier (2012) 
Mrs. Siddons (2012)

Anthony of Padua (2013) 
Clevins Browne (2013)
Saint Clement (2013)

Ship of Fools (2017) 
Jacob de Graeff (2018) 


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