Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A checklist of Douglass poems

At our institute, we're discussing poems about our most famous ex-slave, Frederick Douglass. So I wanted to identify several poems about him: 

• "Frederick Douglass" by Sam Cornish 
• "Frederick Douglass Falls in Love" by Sean DesVignes 
• "Frederick Douglass" by Paul Laurence Dunbar 
• "Douglass" by Paul Laurence Dunbar 
• "Frederick Douglass: 1817-1895" by Langston Hughes 
• "Frederick Douglass" by Robert Hayden 
• "Frederick Douglass and the Slave Breaker" by Dudley Randall 
• "In Memoriam (Frederick Douglass)" by Henrietta Cordelia Ray 
• "From the Lost Letters of Frederick Douglass" by Evie Shockley 
• "(mis)takes one to know one" by Evie Shockley 
• "Douglass, a Last Letter" by Tim Seibles 
• "Frederick Douglass Speaks before the Anti-Mexican War Abolitionists" by Vievee Francis 
 • "Douglass in London 1854" by Reginald Flood 
• "Douglass in London 1861" by Reginald Flood 
• "Douglass in Cedar Hill" by Reginald Flood

Related volumes 
Brief Evidence of Heaven: Poems from the Life of Anna Murray Douglass (2014) by Nzadi Zimele Keita


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