Saturday, February 15, 2020

A notebook on English majors from Tougaloo College

I'm working on a project related to Tougaloo College and former English majors. I graduated from Tougaloo with a degree in English and history, and over the years, I've been in touch with various former English majors from the college who became college professors.

I'm working on an article about the routes of some of those Tougaloo graduates. Since I won't fit everything in the article, I've decided to include a few observations here on my site.

List of Former English Majors from Tougaloo who earned PhDs
Tougaloo College's Super-connector: Cynthia Spence
The Department Chair as Connector: Ebony Lumumba
Jerry W. Ward, Jr.'s numerous, essential Introductions
That post-graduation Tougaloo nudge
Candice Love Jackson's crucial contributions to English majors at Tougaloo College
Candice Love Jackson's crucial contributions to African American Literary Studies at SIUE
Taking Black English Majors Seriously: Stefan Wheelock & Derrick Spires

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