Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Visiting the STEM Center

On November 5, as part of our continuing Scholarly Connections and Rewarding Engagements project, we visited the university's STEM Center. The goal was to give students a brief introduction to the center and make them aware of some what the center offers.

Relatively few of the 60 students had ever visited the Science building. And none of them had ever stopped by the STEM Center. Most said that they did not know it was here.

We took a look at posters about past and current projects produced by the STEM Center. Some of the students were particularly interested in a poster about forensics since we are completing a unit on crime writing. The subject of forensics came up frequently among our students who are studying criminal justice and biology who are interested in forensic science.

The  STEM Center visit also made it possible for students to participate in hands on activities. Staff at the center shared an assortment of devices and tools that are available for check out. Students spent time looking over and playing with the items.

There was a model of average adult skull that seemed to capture everyone's interest. The skull has 22 individual parts/bones that can be taken apart and reassembled. It was difficult for folks to avoid working with it.

Scholarly Connections and Rewarding Engagements

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