Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Roundup of African American single-author studies

Pulling together lists of black autobiographies and biographies had me thinking about another fixture in African American literary studies--the single-author book-length study. These are works that analyze aspects of a writer's works.

So here's a roundup of titles. Certainly, what's presented here is just a small portion of what's been produced.

• 1970: Richard Wright: An Introduction to the Man and His Works by Russell Carl Brignano
• 1972: Claude McKay: The Black Poet at War by Addison Gayle
• 1972: The Emergence of Richard Wright: A Study in Literature and Society by Keneth Kinnamon
• 1973: From LeRoi Jones to Amiri Baraka: The Literary Works by Theodore R. Hudson
• 1974: Many-Colored Coat of Dreams: The Poetry of Countee Cullen by Houston A. Baker, Jr.
• 1976: The Art and Imagination of W.E.B. Du Bois by Arnold Rampersad
• 1985: The Poetry and Poetics of Amiri Baraka the Jazz Aesthetic by William J. Harris
• 1990: Voice of a Native Son: The Poetics of Richard Wright by Eugene E. Miller
• 1991: Richard Wright's Art of Tragedy by Joyce Ann Joyce
• 1994: The World of Richard Wright by Michel J. Fabre
• 1999: A Nation Within a Nation: Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) and Black Power Politics by Koomozi Woodard
• 1999: Understanding Gloria Naylor by Margaret Earley Whitt
• 1999: Understanding August Wilson By Mary L. Bogumil
• 2000: Quiet as it's Kept: Shame, Trauma, and Race in the Novels of Toni Morrison by J. Brooks Bouson
• 2000: Toni Morrison by Linden Peach
• 2000: The Identifying Fictions of Toni Morrison: Modernist Authenticity and Postmodern Blackness by John N. Duvall
• 2001: Amiri Baraka: The Politics and Art of a Black Intellectual by Jerry Watts
• 2002: Toni Morrison's “Beloved” and the Apotropaic Imagination by Kathleen Marks
• 2003: Liberation Memories: The Rhetoric and Poetics of John Oliver Killens by Keith Gilyard
• 2003: Toni Morrison: Playing with Difference by Lucille P. Fultz
• 2004: Understanding Charles Johnson by Gary Storhoff
• 2004: I ain't Sorry for Nothin' I done: August Wilson's Process of Playwriting by Joan Herrington
• 2004: Toni Morrison and Motherhood: A Politics of the Heart by Andrea O'Reilly
• 2004: Wild Blessings: The Poetry of Lucille Clifton by Hilary Holladay
• 2005: The Death-Bound-Subject: Richard Wright's Archaeology of Death by Abdul R. JanMohamed
• 2006: Understanding Rita Dove by Pat Righelato
• 2007: Understanding Jamaica Kincaid by Justin D. Edwards
• 2007: Can’t I Love What I Criticize? the Masculine and Morrison by Susan Neal Mayberry
• 2007: Black Looks and Black Acts: The Language of Toni Morrison in The Bluest Eye and Beloved by Ritashona Simpson
• 2007: The Cambridge Companion to Toni Morrison by Justine Tally
• 2008: Toni Morrison and the Idea of Africa by La Vinia Delois Jennings
• 2008: Toni Morrison's Developing Class Consciousness by Doreatha Drummond Mbalia
• 2009: African Spiritual Traditions in the Novels of Toni Morrison by K. Zauditu-Selassie
• 2009: Claude McKay, Code Name Sasha: Queer Black Marxism and the Harlem Renaissance by Gary Edward Holcomb
• 2009: Charles Johnson in Context by Linda Furgerson Selzer
• 2010: Race, Trauma, and Home in the Novels of Toni Morrison by Evelyn Jaffe Schreiber
• 2011: Toni Morrison by Pelagia Goulimari
• 2012: Understanding Etheridge Knight by Michael S. Collins
• 2012: Pauline Hopkins and the American Dream by Alisha Knight
• 2013: Spectrality in the Novels of Toni Morrison by Melanie R. Anderson
• 2013: The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry by Keith Clark
• 2014: Toni Morrison's Fiction: Revised and Expanded Edition by Jan Furman
• 2014: James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination by Matt Brim
• 2014: Understanding Colson Whitehead by Derek C. Maus
• 2014: Richard Wright and Haiku by Yoshinobu Hakutani
• 2016: The Lives of Frederick Douglass by Robert S. Levine
• 2017: Love and Narrative Form in Toni Morrison’s Later Novels by Jean Wyatt
• 2017: Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Theology by M. Cooper Harriss
• 2018: Robert Hayden in Verse: New Histories of African American Poetry and the Black Arts Era by Derik Smith
• 2018: James Baldwin and the 1980s: Witnessing the Reagan Era by Joseph Vogel
• 2018: James Baldwin and the Heavenly City: Prophecy, Apocalypse, and Doubt by Christopher Z. Hobson
• 2018: Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry by Imani Perry
• 2019: Building the Black Arts Movement: Hoyt Fuller and the Cultural Politics of the 1960s by Jonathan Fenderson
• 2019: Understanding James Baldwin by Marc Dudley

A checklist of book lists

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