Sunday, June 30, 2019

A notebook on the Furious Flower Nikki Giovanni seminar

June 16 - 22, the Furious Flower Poetry Center, directed by Joanne Gabbin, hosted The Living Turth: The Life and work of Nikki Giovanni. The seminar involved approximately 55 participants, a group of scholar-presenters, and Giovanni. I gave one of the presentations. What follows are a few write-ups and reflections about the seminar.

• June 17: The many versions of Nikki Giovanni's Ego Tripping
• June 18: Nikki Giovanni, collegiate black men, and power poses
• June 19: Giovanni Scholars converge at Furious Flower
• June 20: William J. Harris explains why Nikki Giovanni, other popular poets are often ignored
• June 24: Furious Flower June 2019 Legacy Seminar: Nikki Giovanni by Laura Vrana
• June 30: Margo Crawford discusses poetry and visual art at Nikki Giovanni seminar
• July 1: Nikki Giovanni seminar participants reflect on experiences
• July 1: "The presence of Nikki Giovanni ... was extraordinary"

A Notebook on Nikki Giovanni

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