Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A roundup of reports on diversity and film


Over the last several years, we've seen many projects on movies that blend data gathering and visualizations. The following reports and kinds of reports have shaped some of the work I'm doing on a black actor dataset.

• Identification of key films and personalities in the history of cinema from a Western perspective - The project offers a "a novel ranking method for films based on the network of references among movies." Samuel Jackson is identified as the "most influential" actor of all time.

• The Largest Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender, Ever - In this project, Daniels and Hanah Anderson gather and analyze 2,000 screenplays by Gender and Age.

• The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative -- this project releases a series of reports that address inequality in film. See Inequality in 1,100 Popular Films and Inclusion in the Director’s Chair?

• The Directors Guild of America -- a 2017 feature film inclusion report.

• Theme Report - a comprehensive analysis and survey of the theatrical and home entertainment market environment

• Hollywood Diversity Report -- A report that examines diversity in film, broadcast media, and television. 2018 report

• Diversity in Hollywood 2019: By the numbers - a list and video provides stats concerning lack of diversity in film

• "Number of Films With Women Leads Hit Record Highs in 2018" - article notes research and findings from USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.

In a Dataset of Their Own: comparisons of black artists & black artists

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