Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Roundup of Zora Neale Hurston recordings - Library of Congress

While Zora Neale Hurston is widely known as a novelist, she was also an anthropologist, and she spent extensive time recording and collecting black folklore materials. The Library of Congress has samples of many of her materials. Here's a roundup of some of those items.

Interviewer: How do you learn most of your songs?

Hurston: I just get in the crowd with the people and if they sing it, and I listen as best I can and then I start joining in with a phrase or two and then finally I get so I can sing a verse and then I keep on til I learn all the verses and then I sing them back to the people until they tell me that I can sing them just like them and then I take part and I try it out on different people who already know the song until they are quite satisfied that I know it and then I carry it in my memory.

Recordings from June 18, 1939, at the Federal Music Project Office, Jacksonville, Florida
Georgia Skin
Description of lining track
Mule on the Mount
Let's Shake It
Dat Old Black Gal
Shove It Over
Uncle Bud
Crow Dance
Wake Up, Jacob
Let the Deal Go Down
Tilly, Lend Me Your Pigeon
Gonna See My Long-Haired Babe
Oh, the Buford Boat Done Come
Po' Gal
Mama Don't Want No Peas, No Rice
Oh Mr. Brown

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