Thursday, February 7, 2019

7 ways of thinking about African American Literature & Culture

Notations for a conversation about African American literary studies and the Library of Congress collections.

Harriet Tubman, culture hero
There are a wide range of subjects related to African American literature and history and approaches to covering those subjects in classroom contexts. But how might we make sure that what we cover is manageable at the same time congruent with core interests in the fields of African American literary studies? Our conversation will highlight a select number of areas that have been important for many teachers and scholars in the field. Those areas include information about slavery and liberation, keywords, and major writers. In addition, the session will orient or re-introduce participants to useful modes for sharing content such as audio recordings and visual images.
1. Keywords
2. Major writers and publications -- List of 50 books.
3. Slavery and struggles for liberation
4. Culture Heroes and historical figures
5. Black poetry -- A checklist of Library of Congress audio recordings
6. Movements and mobility
7. Documentation of history and culture
A Roundup of Zora Neale Hurston recordings - Library of Congress

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