Friday, January 4, 2019

Visualizing the Big 7 – Data Driven Humanities

By Kenton Rambsy

Over three months, I worked with UTA’s data librarian Peace Williamson to create a Tableau Public visualization that highlights the circulation history of black short fiction in anthologies from 1925 to 2017. The interactive chart focuses on the circulation histories of black short fiction and highlights “The Big 7,” a core group of frequently anthologized black short story writers.

Click here to see: The Big 7 Tableau Public Visualization

This visualization makes it possible easily survey a large body of information concerning African American-authored short stories in 100 anthologies.

The stacked bar chart at the top represents the most frequently anthologized black short story writers. The different colors of the bar chart represent different types of anthologies. There are also icons for highlight male and female writers. Selecting these icons allows for users to perform a gendered analysis.

On the bottom left-hand side, the section “Anthologized Stories” displays every individual story by each writer that has been included in four or more collections. Hovering over each bar will display the story title and how many times it’s been included in 100 anthologies. Holding your mouse over the total number will reveal the total amount of times stories have been included in anthologies by a specific writer.

On the right hand side, there is a timeline of stories by the Big 7. The dropdown menu allows you to select a specific Big 7 writer and track the publication history of their short fiction. Hovering over the book icons reveals what story the particular anthology includes.

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