Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Digital Humanities Club: Week 5

On October 30, we wrapped up some of our work on graphic design. Not that we've masted it all, but we talked about shifting our focus to audio compositions.

Most of the students have spent the five weeks of the program working on visual images, trying to rework Black Panther comic book covers. When given the choice, everyone, notwithstanding one student, wanted to focus on audio. Having that focus has worked well.

The Black Panther images have been a good jumping off point for members of the DH club. It's given us a chance to play around with images on a subject that we find interesting.

Still, we agreed that we would take a break from graphic design in the coming week and take a look at Audacity -- an audio software program. 

• The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club Fall 2018

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