Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Historian Stefan Bradley reunites with his folk at SIUE

Listen. Stefan Bradley has been giving talks related to his new book, Upending the Ivory Tower: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Ivy League (New York University Press). He's presented at Brown University, Dartmouth College, the Brooklyn Historical Society, St. Louis University, and more.  But yesterday, he also took a second to come home, to speak.

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Bradley and I began our professional teaching careers at SIUE in 2003. So when I realized he would be in the region, I immediately took steps to organize an event for him speak with our students.

I initially envisioned a small gathering -- a chance for Bradley to meet with the guys in my course for first-year African American men. After all, Bradley was crucial to expanding the vision for that program. In the process of organizing, our invitation list got larger and larger.

Bradley showed up and showed out. He read passages from his book and discussed he reasons for folks on the ways black students at elite universities struggled and organized in order to actualize the opportunities of full citizenship and to path the way for countless others.

Most importantly though, he spoke directly to the many students there. He engaged them on ideas and made them aware of their histories and possibilities.

Photo-review of Stefan Bradley's talk @ SIUE
Reminder: Stefan Bradley's Upending the Ivory Tower
Stefan Bradley's Upending the Ivory Tower