Friday, August 3, 2018

53 black women poets, 106 poems: Audio recordings

Continuing my studies of black women poets reading their works aloud, here's a roundup of 100 poems.

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What follows are 53 different poets and links to them reading two of their poems:

• Elizabeth Alexander - "Praise Song for the Day" and "One Week Later in the Strange"
• Maya Angelou - "Phenomenal Woman" and "Still I Rise"
• Tara Betts - "Switch" and  "Erasure"
• Gwendolyn Brooks - "Song in the Front Yard" and "We Real Cool"
• Mahogany L. Browne - "Black Girl Magic" and "Redbone Shames the Devil"
• Tiana Clark - "The Ayes Have It" and "Magic"
• Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon - "Migration" and "Shark Poem"
• Lucille Clifton - "Homage to My Hips" and "won't you celebrate with me"
• Wanda Coleman  - "Wanda, Why Aren't You Dead?" and "My Car"
• Jayne Cortez - "Find Your Own Voice" and "How Long Has Trane Been Gone"

• Kai Davis - "F*ck I Look Like" and "Aint I a Woman"
• LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs - "the originator" and "damn righ it's betta than yours"
• Rita Dove - "American Smooth" and "Reunion 2005"
• Camille T. Dungy - "Frequently Asked Questions: No. 5" and "Characteristics of Life"
• Eve L. Ewing  - "Arrival Day" and "April 5, 1968"
• Sarah Webster Fabio - "Sweet Song" and "Together / To The Tune Of Coltrane's 'Equinox'"
• Nikky Finney - "Left" and "Girlfriend's Train"
• Nikki Giovanni - "Ego-Tripping" and "Nikki Rosa"
• Rachel Eliza Griffiths - "The Dead Will Lead You" and "Verguenza"
• Amanda Gorman - "In this place: An American Lyric" and "Neighborhood Anthem"

• Monica A. Hand - "Black people sure can keep secrets" and "The Need to be touched speaks"
• francine j. harris - "Red is the Mess" and "suicide note #10: wet condoms"
• Harmony Holiday - "Adultery" and "What Jimmy Taught Me"
• Tonya Ingram - "Thirteen" and "Unsolicited Advice (after Jeanann Verlee)"
• Amanda Johnston - "Facing Us" and "We Named You Mercy"
• June Jordan - "Poem about My Rights" and "A Poem about Intelligence for My Brothers and Sisters"
• Allison Joseph - "Voice" and "Greeting Cards"  
• Robin Coste Lewis - "Self-Portrait as the Bootblack in Daguerre’s Boulevard du Temple" and "Reason"
• Audre Lorde - "1984" and "Echoes"
• Emi Mahmoud - "Mama" and "How to Translate a Joke"

• Jasmine Nicole Mans - "Footnotes for Kanye" and "You Gone Get This Work"
• Dawn Lundy Martin - "Mo[dern Frame]" and "If your book was a house, what does the foer look like?"
• Airea D. Matthews - "Wisdom" and "Prelude"
• Aja Monet - "What I've Learned" and "Is that all you got"
• jessica Care moore - "Black Statue of Liberty" and "You May Not Know My Detroit"
• Tracie Morris - "Project Princess" and "What the sister brother…"
• Thylias Moss - "All Is Not Lost When Dreams Are" and "Sunrise Comes to Second Avenue"
• Harryette Mullen - "Present Tense" and "We are Not Responsible"
• Marilyn Nelson - "Moonlily" and "Thompson and Seaman Vows, African Union Church"
• Porsha O. - "Angry Black Woman" and "Capitalism"

• Morgan Parker - "All They Want is My Money My Pussy My Blood" and "The History of Black People"
• Claudia Rankine - "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Part 2" and excerpt from "Citizen"
• Treasure Redmond - "Preachers" and "Bound"
• Sonia Sanchez - "Poem at Thirty" and "Poem for Some Women"
• Warsan Shire - "For Women Who Are Difficult to Love" and "Ugly"
• Evie Shockley - "question marks" and "philosophically immune"
• Patricia Smith - "Skinhead" and "shoulda been called jimi savannah"
• Tracy K. Smith - "One Man at a Time" and "I will tell you the truth about this, I will tell you all about it"
• Ebony Stewart - "Happy Father's Day" and "Eve"
• Natasha Trethewey - "Monument" and "Incident"

• Alice Walker - "I Will Keep Broken Things" and "You Confide in Me"
• Margaret Walker - "For My People" and "Molly Means"
• Jamila Woods - "Pigeon Man" and "Thirst Behavior"

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