Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tracy K. Smith and Kevin Young in the New York Times

Tracy K. Smith source; Kevin Young source

African American poets don't, relatively speaking, appear that much major news outlets like The New York Times. So I've taken note of the repeated coverage of Tracy K. Smith and Kevin Young in the newspaper over the last month. Here's a quick rundown of their appearances:

• March 20: the Times ran an interview with Smith.

• April 10: Ruth Franklin published an extended profile on Smith for the Times magazine.

• April 16: Dwight Garner published a review of Smith's and Young's new volumes of poetry, Wade in the Water and Brown, respectively.

• April 19: the Times published an interview conducted by Maria Russo featuring Smith and Jacqueline Woodson.

• April 26: Charles Simic published a review of Smith's new volume of poetry.

• April 26: Luis Alberto Urrea published a review of Young's Brown.

• April 26: the Times offered "10 New Books We Recommend This Week," including Smith's and Young's books.

And that's just in the Times. Several articles have appeared on Smith and Young in various other venues over the last month as well.

Duos of poets -- Evie Shockley & Patricia Smith, Tracy K. Smith & Kevin Young -- in the news
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