Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Coverage on another, different run of the Black Panther

Like almost everyone else, I'm looking forward to the Black Panther film in February. But I have to say that I am just as excited about another, different run of the title. Writer Evan Narcisse is going to have a run on the early years of T'Challa, who's widely known now as Black Panther. I've followed Narcisse's commentary for some time now, so I'm intrigued, actually, excited to see his work in an alternative context.

How often do you get to read the artistic work of a knowledgeable black comic book critic? Rarely, if ever. And as an added bonus, he's writing on Black Panther?

The artwork is by Paul Renaud.

Here's a roundup of some of the coverage on the lead up to his debut. More to come, of course.

• December 8: Rise of the Black Panther: Rise and Shine - Dominic Griffin - Marvel
• December 5: T'Challa 101: A Rise of the Black Panther Sketchbook - TJ Dietsch - Marvel
• November 6: Evan Narcisse Speaks On Rise Of The Black Panther - FanBros TV - YouTube
• November 6: Black Panther Prequel teases tension with Captain America - Steve Cherkassky - The Real Stan Lee
• October 11: Rise of the Black Panther - Justin Snyder - Marvel
• October 4: Evan Narcisee is writing Rise of the Black Panther for Marvel - Heidi MacDonald - Comics Beat
• October 4: Marvel Reveals Secrets of Black Panther's Origin in New Comic - Justin Carter - Comic Book Resource
• October 4: Black Panther's Origins Will Be Explored in a New Comic - Rob Bricken - io9
• October 4: Black Panther Prequel Coming From Marvel - Jim Dandy - Den of Geek

• December 5: A Note to Readers - Evan Narcisse - io9

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