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Khary Randolph's Catalyst Prime covers

Khary Randolph's covers for Noble #1 (variant), Noble #5, and Noble #6

Part of what makes the Catalyst Prime comic books, published by Lion Forge, so compelling results from the superb abilities of editor Joseph Illidge to assemble diverse teams of talented creators to work on various series. Artist Khary Randolph is one of the contributors to the overall enterprise. He has provided cover art for variants of #1 issues in the Catalyst Prime series, and recently he produced the covers for Noble #5 and #6.

Randolph's images are often action-oriented. That is, the feature character is in motion--lunging forward, running, or striking a pose after an explosion. On the variant cover for Noble #1, the protagonist David Powell is shown using his energy blast to throw off a group of soldiers. The cover for Noble #5 shows him leaping toward us.

The coloring for the images are done by Emilio Lopez. The image that Randolph and Lopez produced for the cover of Superb #1 is one of my favorite of all the books I own. It's really something.

Khary Randolph's variant covers for Accell #1, Superb #1, Incidentals #1, and Astonisher #1

Randolph and Lopez contributes covers to Superb, Accell, Incidentals, and Astonisher as well. They are also contributing variant covers to the upcoming books in the series Kino and Summit. Along with the editorial efforts of Illidge and editorial assistant Desiree Rodriguez, Randolph's art is an important connector across all the Catalyst Prime titles.  

For over a decade now, Randolph has been working professionally as a penciler, inker, and cover artist, which is to say he's had extensive experience in the field. He's done covers for over 50 different books over the last several years alone. Still, I'm not sure I would've adequately appreciated what he was doing if I hadn't started paying close attention while noting his contributions to the Catalyst Prime titles.

His variant covers, like other variants in the series, show no title nor issue number. It's all about the art. The presentation of Randolph's work in that way gives him a special opportunity to display his talents across a full, interconnected universe.

Lopez really has the drawings popping. The reds and blues with Noble #5 and #6 really caught my attention, as they corresponded to the early cover images in the series .The Nobel #1 and Superb #1 variant speak to each other in a way as well, with the rays of light.

You see Lopez making sure of different colors with the variant covers for Accell #1, Incidentals #1, and Astonisher #1. It's really something to see these finished products of Randolph's and Lopez's collaborations on these covers. Vibrant energy of character movements with the line art combined with a variety of colors to accentuate the action.

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