Saturday, November 4, 2017

Digital Humanities Club: Week 8

High school student discusses audio editing with undergraduate Gaige Crowell

During our session on November 1, the high school students continued audio editing tasks, but with a little clearer sense of purpose this time. We are preparing files for an audio exhibit or series of audio exhibits focusing on black women poets reading their works.

One of our long-term goals is to produce materials that we can share with groups of students from the SIUE/East Charter High School as well as SIUE college students. We are moving from experimenting with audio files for personal enjoyment to presenting for various audiences.

During the session, the high school students worked with an undergraduate on one task for half the session and then they worked on another task with a different undergraduate during the second half of the session. The first task was to produce a clip with multiple poets reading, and the second task was to produce a clip with poets reading that included musical instrumentation.

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We've now reached the halfway portion of the semester, so graduate student Rae'Jean Spears provided a midterm reflection concerning this project. Similar to Rae'Jean, I'm excited about seeing what happens next--with the high school students and undergraduates.

Jaylen, a high school student, shares a work-in-progress audio files with teacher Bridget Nelson

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