Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Language Arts & Leadership Conference, Fall 2017

Today, we'd hosted our first fall Language Arts and Leadership Conference at SIUE's Lovejoy Library. The conference involved workshops on poetry and a viewing and writing activity focused on comic book heroes. 45 high school black girls participated.

I've coordinated arts and humanities conferences each spring for the last few years. The subject matter and participants for this conference was different.

Poet and scholar Cindy Reed led workshops on poetry. My graduate student Rae'Jean Spears facilitated an activity that involved a small display on comic book heroes. We had lunch at noon--generously funded by the Black Studies Program and the East St. Louis Action Research Project. Finally, we closed with a book fair. The books were made possible by our Leadership Forum project.

Cindy Reed, black girls, and poetry
Scenes from the Language Arts & Leadership Conference, Fall 2017
Comic book heroes and black girls
A free book fair for black girls
Rae'Jean Spears: the critical facilitator and conversationalist
Black girls and book preferences

Language Arts and Leadership conferences

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