Monday, October 23, 2017

Digital Humanities Club: Week 6

High school student Jaylen Jenkins and Gaige Crowell edit materials on Audacity.

On Wednesday, October 18, the high school students continued working with Audacity, as we'll do for the next few weeks. We're working our way up to producing audio projects. First, however, we want to sharpen our skills editing.

"The more we expose the students to audio editing," noted Gaige Crowell, "the more they'll be likely to either show their friends or build upon their knowledge and try more new things." He observed that "a couple of the boys were adding new elements to their recordings, and some were still trying to perfect what they had already learned."

"Something I considered about the high school students concerning audio editing or audio production," pointed out Tiara Perkins, "is that if the students focus on one specific part of audio editing and or production they will have a better understanding of what they need to know." She also noted the importance of the students "just playing with different things to see what they like and how to incorporate different pieces to their own audio production."

Amelia Williams offered suggestions on how to approach our next session. "Audio production would be more beneficial for the student if they had a specific goal to reach while working on Audacity," she stated. In addition, Jayla Howard suggested that we should avoid letting the students get too comfortable working with just one undergraduate. "We should switch it up" and have the students "move around a little," noted Jayla.

Week #6 reflection from graduate student, Rae'Jean Spears:
This week’s meeting with the East St. Louis Charter school went well. They seem to really be enjoying having the freedom to be creative with the auto samples. It seems like they have different interests so it would be interesting seeing them have to work together to create something. I look forward to seeing how their creativity will be stretched when given a specific task to complete.
The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club

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