Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Eugene B. Redmond visits the Eugene B. Redmond class

Eugene B. Redmond speaks with SIUE students and guests

Yesterday for our co-taught course "Culture, Politics, and the Redmond Collection," Professor Andrew Theising and I hosted a poetry reading featuring none other than Eugene B. Redmond. It was a really lively, beyond-the-classroom event.

Theising and I spent the first two months of the semester discussing Redmond, his career, East St. Louis and regional history and politics, and the EBR Collection with students in our class. So we were pleased to finally get the chance to introduce Redmond to the class and various visitors from the community.

The reading took place in the Friends Corner of Lovejoy Library. Redmond read poems, which had been published from across the course of his decades long career. He also discussed his upbringing in East St. Louis and his many travels. He also encouraged the students to pose for a group picture.

• Culture, Politics & the Redmond Collection

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