Friday, September 16, 2016

Culture, Politics & the Redmond Collection

This semester, I'm co-teaching an interdisciplinary course entitled "Culture, Politics, and the Redmond Collection." I'm co-teaching the course with political science professor Andrew Theising. The course focuses on aspects of the Eugene B. Redmond Collection at Lovejoy Library as well as politics and arts  in East St. Louis.

I've worked with Theising on various East St. Louis-related projects over the years, so I'm enjoying finally co-teaching a class with him on a variety of subjects that are dear and near to us both. It's also been useful to think about the ways that political science and literary studies intersect on topics such as "the city," "government," and even research.

During the course of the term, we are visiting the EBR Learning Center and exploring aspects of the Redmond Collection. Professor Redmond will visit the course and give a reading.

I'll produce entries here about what observations from the course.

• October 13: Students view postcards from the Andrew J. Theising Research Collection (Oct. 6 & 11)
• October 19: Eugene B. Redmond visits the Redmond class (October 18)
• November 7: Cindy Reed Reps East St. Louis (November 3)

Eugene B. Redmond 

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