Monday, September 26, 2016

A Notebook on Kalamu ya Salaam's The Magic of Juju

Kalamu ya Salaam's The Magic of Juju: An Appreciation of the Black Arts Movement (Third World Press, 2016) offers a historical look at one of our most important cultural moments in the production of African American artistic thought.

The book includes chapters on: definitions of the Black Arts Movement; its historical background; the national birth of the movement; its theory and practice; publications; audio recordings; theatre; related black music of the art and era; film and television; dance; visual arts; critics of the time period; the critical assessment of the movement.  The book also includes images of black arts texts by Eugene B. Redmond, a study guide by Jiton Davidson, and a dialogue between Salaam and Margo Natalie Crawford.

What follows are entries on aspects of the book:

The Magic of Juju and Black Arts texts
The Magic of Juju and Black Arts scholarly discourse 
Kalamu ya Salaam's introduction to the Black Arts era
Kalamu ya Salaam, Eugene B. Redmond, and special collections

The Black Arts Era   

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