Friday, July 15, 2016

Knowledge, Creativity, and Collegiate Black Men

A group of guys in the circle talking music, the game, and ideas (March 2010).

This semester, I'm writing a series of posts about knowledge, creativity, and collegiate black men. I'm mainly noting what I've learned observing and working with hundreds of young brothers at my university. I've spent considerable time writing about the creativity of black men writers and artists. So why not do more to highlight the younger guys in my immediate environment?  

• July 29: Listening to Dometi Pongo's Creative Work on Malcolm X
• July 16: David Hopkins displaying visual, kinetic aspects of hip hop knowledge
• July 16: Al Henderson: music and knowledge
• May 18: Ta-Nehisi Coates's audiences of black boys and young black men

• September 26: Covering Robert Hayden's "The Whipping" with young black men
• January 8: Student rappers & poets in an African American Literature course

• December 19: Writing about black poetry vs. writing about rap
• December 16: Studying Poetry & Rap with Collegiate Black Men in 2014
• October 30:  More on the vulnerability of collegiate black men 
• February 14: Networks of 'consciousness' for collegiate black men 
• February 13: Collegiate Black Men and the circulation of black books   

• November 1: The vulnerability of collegiate black men & a note on a Jack Johnson poem
• April 20: The value of "our" history for African American collegiate poetry readers
• March 6: College students have little exposure to African American poetry 
• March 4: McGuire elevates the Expectations of Collegiate Black Men

• July 7: Toward a sociology of conversations about creativity & intellectualism among black men
• February 29: Malcolm X & Collegiate Black Men
• January 22: Working with Collegiate Black Men

• December 10: Collegiate Black Men, Rap, and Poetry 
• August 27: Collegiate Black Men Exchanging Ideas 
• July 25: A Poet, A Rapper, and His Notebooks  
• March 3: Collegiate Black Men - Defining Problems

• May 2: The Legend of Al Henderson

Assorted notebooks

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