Thursday, April 21, 2016

Underground conversation series: How a Black Woman Manages a $26M Budget


On April 21, we coordinated one of our Underground Conversation series. Our title for the session was “How a Black Woman Manages a $26 Million-Dollar Budget at SIUE,” featuring Shavonda Mitchom, Director of Business Affairs for the College of Arts and Sciences.

After the presentation, we asked students to respond to the prompt, "What’s something useful you gained from today’s session? In what way was it useful or notable?"
A sample of responses:
• Being able to speak with an established, African-American woman, it was beneficial to learn that someone who I can relate with is in one of the most influential positions on campus.
• That as a Black Woman in a high position you need to work 10x harder to be respected and get your point across. You can’t let ignorance bring you down.
• Something I’ve gained from the session is that no matter what position’s you are in, whether it is high or low, your race always does play a factor. I liked hearing her experiences dealing with white people who are the same positions as her and how she handles it.
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