Saturday, April 16, 2016

Conference attendees visit the EBR Learning Center

A year ago at our conference, attendees participated in viewing sessions in the Underground Reading Room. But we had a better, even larger space this year, as we were able to coordinate a mixed media listening session in the Eugene B. Redmond (EBR) Learning Center in Lovejoy Library.

In many respects, our Underground Reading Room was one key blueprint for what we now have with this wonderful space. I'm really pleased with the EBR Learning Center, and how many different kinds of events we've been able to host in the area. In addition, we've hosted a diverse group of visitors, from students to general citizens.

For our conference this year, our mixed media session concentrate on music by Jay Z, Nas, Big K.R.I.T., and Kendrick Lamar. The conference attendees -- all high school black boys -- thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the session. They responded with "oooo" and "ohhhh" and "that's cold" to various lines that they enjoyed hearing.

Observing them moving around the space and having discussions and friendly debates about the top rappers was amusing and a treat. The experience was also confirmation for me of how important it is to have a space like the EBR Learning Center on our campus.

The Language Arts and Leadership Conference, 2016

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