Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The missing online issues of Black World

The December 1970 issue of Black World focuses on Ralph Ellison "His Literary Works and Status."

 The Google Books index of Black World/Negro Digest includes scans of the periodical from 1961 - 1976, when the publication ceased. It's a really expansive capture. But for some reason, not all the publications are available online.

The online publication does not contain the November 1970 and December 1970 issues, nor the January - October 1971 issues. When I initially scrolled through the online publications, I immediately noticed the absence of the December 1970 issues, the one with Ralph Ellison on the cover, because it contains one of my favorite black arts-era essays, "Ellion's Zoot Suit" by Larry Neal. A closer look made me aware that additional 12 issues were missing.  

The earliest version of Negro Digest, published between 1942 - 1952, is also not included in the Google Books project. A look at those early issues of the publication would be useful for considering how the periodical evolved over the years.   

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Anonymous said...

I found the Nov 1970 issue of black world from a thrift store in New York.
The content 'The Harlem renaissance revisited