Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Illegibility and Negro Digest/Black World

Many poem titles and various other titles are difficult to search for in Negro Digest/Black World. They simply do not show up and are unreadable. Part of the problem seems to be that the editors used cursive writing and other irregular font for titles. The titles are sometimes in different colors than the text of the poem.
Those things become a problem when it comes to what the scanners could not read. 

Consider a faded title of a review-essay by Keorpetse Kgositsile from the September 1974 issue of the publication. The original title was "Steps to Break the Circle," but those words are mostly illegible. There are titles that are even more faded and unclear throughout various issues.

The process of scanning was perhaps outsourced and completed by teams that were not as concerned about the accuracy of each detail of the project as a resource. Otherwise, there may have been a little more attention on what to do about the illegibility of some of the texts throughout the online collection.

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