Thursday, July 2, 2015

EBR Digital Exhibits & Collections

Here's a look at the digital exhibits and collections hosted by Lovejoy Library concerning the Eugene B. Redmond (EBR) Collection.

Drumvoices Revue -- The digital collection contains the complete run (16 volumes) of Redmond's cultural arts magazine.

EBR African American Cultural Life -- This searchable digital collection contains photographs, posters, and pamphlets selected from the EBR Collection.

The Eugene B. Redmond Interviews -- A series of extended video interviews, including interview transcriptions, with Redmond concerning his experiences as a scholar, writer, teacher, and cultural organizer.

Path to "Visible Glory": The Million Man March in the Redmond Collection -- This exhibit showcases materials from Redmond's chronicle of the October 1995, Million Man March as well as documentation on the production of Visible Glory: The Million Man March, a special issue of Drumvoices organized by Redmond, Sherman Fowler, and Marcus Atkins.

A Notebook on Lovejoy Library's EBR Digital Collection
Eugene B. Redmond

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, I've been wondering how the EBR collection is shaping out. This is great!