Monday, May 4, 2015

Lovejoy Library & Humanities Programming (2014-2015)

Even a cursory glance at our our arts and humanities from Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 reveals that many of our programs took place at Lovejoy Library. We hosted arts activities, listening sessions, exhibits in the Underground Reading Room, and an arts and leadership conference in the library.

In fact, 17 of our 34 major public events took place at Lovejoy Library this semester. The activities and events drew about 1,459 attendees.

Sept. 10: African American Literary Showcase

Sept. 11: Poetry Listening Session
Sept. 25: The Big Smoke exhibit

Oct. 1: Tribute to Maya Angelou

Oct. 14: Public Thinking Event - Bodies Matter Exhibit

Oct. 30: The Big Smoke exhibit

Nov. 4: Public Thinking Event

Nov. 13: The Big Smoke exhibit

Nov. 18: A Gathering of Black Women Artists

Nov. 19: Images from "A Gathering of Black Women Artists"  Day 2

February 10: Opening passages exhibit

February 26: The Black Book Exhibit

March 3: Smarter Than You Think Exhibit

March 5: Toni Morrison Exhibit

April 13 – 15: Language Arts and Leadership Conference

April 23: Exhibit on Comic Strips and Illustrations 

April 28: Poetry commentary exhibit 

Spring 2015 Programming 
Fall 2014 Public Programming

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