Friday, March 20, 2015

Volumes of poetry, cell phone images, and textbooks

Jason McCall and his conversation to the power rule; the real hero of calculus. --Jelani

 This semester, I'm covering volumes of poetry with groups of collegiate black men. I figured the guys are fitting in my reading assignments with readings from their major courses of study. So I sent out a request asking them to use their cell phones to capture what else they were studying alongside the volumes of poetry. I asked them to also provide captions.

What follows are a selection of what the guys sent:

Studying the biology of Leadbelly --Barry

History can be recounted in many ways; Worlds of History next to To Repel Ghosts The Remix --Rodrick

One is my passion; another is for my future; and the other teaches me about my past. --Kolawole

Reflections for Poetry Project
Reading T. Jess, J. McCall, T. Medina, F. X. Walker & K. Young in 2015

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