Saturday, March 28, 2015

Heroic Adventures and the SIUE/East St. Louis Charter School

Several students I work with in an after-school program at the SIUE/East St. Louis Charter High School received a cool treat this past Thursday. I was aware that some of them enjoy comic books, and I mentioned that observation in passing to the folks at Heroic Adventures -- a comic book store in Edwardsville, Illinois.  I've been a customer at the store since 2012.

Drew Rose, a manager at the store, gave me a dozen or so free comic books to give to the Charter School students. Needless to say, the students were really pleased to receive the various titles. When I placed the books on a table, a group of them crowded around, discussed the materials, and began making selections.

Colin Neumeyer, a language arts teacher at the Charter School and a veteran comic book reader, assisted the students in understanding the background on the various books. Of course, there was lively debate among all the folks crowded around the table about what comic books and heroes were better and best.  I'm looking forward to meeting with the group again and talking about what they thought about what they read.

In the meantime, I'm indebted to the folks at Heroic Adventures for the hook ups.  

Notebook on comic books

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