Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Young visit exhibit at Lovejoy Library

One of the rewarding aspects of organizing arts and humanities exhibits concerns the possibilities of drawing audiences that you may not always encounter. That was the case at our exhibit "A Gathering of Black Women Artists." Among the 125 attendees was a couple -- Mr. and Mrs. Young.

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They came to view the entire exhibit, but especially the works of their granddaughter Morgan Hill.  They marveled over the artwork and asked questions. They made observations. They snapped photographs. They constantly mentioned how proud they were of their granddaughter and how pleased they were to be here at the event.

And of course, I felt honored and pleased that they attended.

Morgan Hill welcomes her grandparents to the exhibit.

Mrs. Young discusses Morgan's artwork.

Ti'asha  Jefferson discusses exhibit with Mr. Young

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