Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Adrian Matejka's The Big Smoke

This semester, a group of us are covering Adrian Matejka's volume of poetry The Big Smoke. I've been reading Matejka's volume and writing about the book since its publication last year, and I covered the work with a few students last spring. This time though, our group is reading and discussing select poems here online.

Reading schedule
Sept.3: “Battle Royal
Sept.3: “The Manly Art of Self-Defense
Sept. 10: “Hurt Business
Sept. 10: “Fisticuffs
Sept. 17: Reflections on first section
Sept. 24: “Sporting Life
Sept. 24: “Chicken & Other Stereotypes
Oct. 1: “Mouth Fighting
Oct. 1: “Cooking Lessons
Oct. 8: Reflections on second section
Oct. 15: “Equality
Oct. 15: “A Struggle Between a Demon and a Gritty Little Dwarf
Oct. 22: “Color Line
Oct. 22: “Alias
Oct. 29: The Big Smoke & The Ainsfield-Wolf Award
Nov. 5: “The Battle of the Century
Nov. 12: “Carefree as a Plantation Darky in Watermelon Time
Nov. 12: “Race Relations
Nov. 19: “Rememory
Nov. 19: “Ticket on the Titanic
Dec. 3: Reflections

In addition, another one of our reading groups is focusing on Katherine Boo's Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and another group is covering Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers.

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