Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coverage of Mike Brown

A round-up of articles concerning Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday, August 9.

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Oct. 12: Michael Brown Sr.: People think I’m OK. I’m not. - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Oct. 10: Protests in St. Louis heat up 'weekend of resistance' - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Oct. 9: Ferguson: A chill in the air before ‘Weekend of Resistance’ - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Oct. 9: STL policeman kills 18-year-old, reviving Ferguson tensions - The Guardian 
Oct. 9: White Policeman Kills Black Teen in St Louis, Triggering Fresh Protests - The Times
Oct. 9: Ferguson Protesters Plan Marches to Mark Michael Brown Shooting - NBC News
Oct. 8: MU students hold 'die-in' demonstration spurred by events in Ferguson - Ashley Jost - Columbia Tribune
Oct. 8: As Ferguson readies for more protesters, a look back - Elissa Curtis, Joy Y. Wang - MSNBC
Oct. 8: Cardinals appeal for unity after fans taunt Michael Brown protesters - Jon Swaine - The Guardian 
Oct. 7: Youth Organizers Plan Weekend of Resistance - Democracy Now
Oct. 7: There Was No Surge In Ferguson Voter Registration - Igor Bobic - Huff Post Politics
Oct. 7: Pro-Darren Wilson Cardinals Fans Clash With Ferguson Protesters - Alison Vingiano - BuzzFeed News
Oct. 7: Riots Feared if Ferguson Cop Isn't Charged - NBC News
Oct. 6: Brown’s family to Gov. Jay Nixon: Appoint new prosecutor - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Oct. 6: The White Church Should Not Be Silent on the Killings of Black Men by Police - Kevin Clay - The Root
Oct. 5: Protesters interrupt St. Louis Symphony - Robert Samules - Washington Post
Oct. 4: Investigate Ferguson police but defy judge's order for documents - Jim Kouri - Examiner 
Oct. 3: Ferguson Protesters Arrested in First Confrontation With Police in Weeks - Denver Nicks - Time
Oct. 3: After Mike Brown killing, voter registration surges in Ferguson - BYP - Black Youth Project 
Oct. 3: Ferguson hands control of Michael Brown protests back to St Louis County - Jon Swaine - The Guardian
Oct. 2: Fired Ferguson rep Devin James’ public relations nightmare - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Oct. 1: A parable of St. Louis: The saga of Devin James - Editorial Board -Post-Dispatch
Oct. 1: Spurred by fallout in Ferguson, St. Louis cuts 222,000 warrants - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Oct. 1: Grand jury being investigated for misconduct - Kimberly Kindy - Washington Post
Sept. 30: With Darren Wilson in hiding, other criminal cases in legal limbo - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 28: Michael Brown’s parents unmoved by chief’s apologies - The Grio
Sept. 28: A tense Ferguson fears the worst is yet to come - Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Matt Pearce - LA Times
Sept. 27: Despite Holder resignation, family remains confident in probe - Wesley Lowery - Washington Post
Sept. 27: Ferguson continues to reel from Michael Brown shooting - Steve Giegerich - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 27: Police officer shot in Ferguson Saturday night - German Lopez - Vox
Sept. 26: Feds call out Ferguson as the city remains on the edge - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 26: Department of Justice admonishes Ferguson police - Berlinger, Payne, Cabrera - CNN
Sept. 26: Ferguson Police Chief Videotapes Apology to Brown’s Family - Diana O. Eromsele - The Root
Sept. 25: Ferguson Police Chief Joins Michael Brown Protesters - F. Brinley Bruton, Richie Duchon - NBC News
Sept. 25: Ferguson police chief issues apology to Brown family - Christina Coleman, Greg Toppo - USA Today
Sept. 24: President raises Michael Brown shooting in UN speech - David Martosko - Daily Mail
Sept. 24: More Unrest in Ferguson Overnight After Brown Memorial Burns - Brian Kelly - CBS STL News
Sept. 24: Protesters return to Ferguson streets after Brown memorial burns - Lindsey Bever - Washington Post
Sept. 23: Michael Brown memorial burned overnight - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 22: Knowing When to Teach Current Events - Noliwe M. Rooks - Chronicle
Sept. 22: To keep peace in Ferguson, DOJ bars media from town hall meetings - Trymaine Lee- MSNBC
Sept. 21: Ferguson protesters at Busch stadium Sunday - Robert Patrick - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 20: Police Academy Promotes 'Highly Entertaining' Course on Shooting - Judd Legum - Think Progress
Sept. 19: Ferguson demonstrators threaten to shut down St. Louis Rams game - Daily Mail
Sept. 19: 11 things you should know about the Michael Brown shooting - German Lopez - Vox
Sept. 18: Police near Ferguson kill gunman - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 17: As Michael Brown grand jury extended, patience for justice wears thin - Trymaine Lee- MSNBC
Sept. 16: Grand jury now has until January to decide on charging officer - Christine Byers - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 15: Survey exposes racial divide in perception of Ferguson crisis - Steve Giegerich - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 14: Why was Michael Brown's body left there for hours? - David Hunn - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 14: Ferguson’s massive cover-up - Paul Rosenberg - Salon
Sept. 13: From Shooting to Morgue: St. Louis bodies left at the scene - Chris Spurlock - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 13: Timeline: Four Hours after the Michael Brown Shooting - David Hunn - Post-Dispatch 
Sept. 13: Missouri’s rapid rightward shift - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 12: Portrait of a protester in Ferguson, Missouri - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 12: Ferguson tragedy becoming a farce - Dana Milbank - Washington Post
Sept. 11: Eyewitnesses allegedly recorded right after Brown’s shooting - Trymaine Lee and Adam Howard - MSNBC
Sept. 10:  Ferguson police foil protesters’ plan, organizers declare success anyway - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 10: Michael Brown’s family aching, one month later - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC  
Sept. 9: A Step Toward Fairness in Ferguson - Editorial Board - The Times
Sept. 9: Senate Looks at Police Use of Military Gear - Matt Apuzzo - The Times
Sept. 9: Ferguson Officials: Big Changes Are Coming - Brett Blume - CBS St. Louis
Sept. 8: In the shadow of Brown’s killing, Ferguson strikes a new deal - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Sept. 8: The lessons of Ferguson: Economic inequality - Marc H. Morial - District Chronicles 
Sept. 8: The Despair and Anguish of a Father - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 8: Post-Michael Brown Murder, we cannot afford to fall back to sleep - Janaye Ingram - NewsOne
Sept. 8: Talib Kweli Says His Life Was Threatened In Ferguson By Police - Chris Garner - XXL
Sept. 7: Bringing change to Ferguson and beyond - Editorial Board - Washington Post
Sept. 7: How is Pueblo like Ferguson? - Denise Torrez - The Pueblo Chieftain  
Sept. 7: Detroit policing exposes racial rifts - Rose Hackman - The Guardian 
Sept. 7: Michael Brown’s size does not matter - Lee A. Daniels - The Philadelphia Tribune
Sept. 7: In atypical approach, jury receives full measure of case - K. Kindy and C. Leonning - Washington Post
Sept. 7: Ferguson comes to Flagstaff - Michelle McManimon - AZ Daily Sun
Sept. 6: Former Ram Aeneas Williams now tending a flock in Ferguson - Lilly Fowler - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 6: Mike Brown incident sparks local conversations - Jordan Bell - The Roanoke Tribune 
Sept. 6: Workers provide new perspective on Brown shooting - Jeremy Kohler - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 5: Missouri governor kept routine after Brown shooting - Associated Press - The Guardian
Sept. 5: Three troubling things exposed re: shooting of Brown - Jonathan Capehart - Washington Post
Sept. 5: The New Racism - Jamelle Bouie - Slate
Sept. 5: Ferguson Police Chief Lied About Why He Released Tape - Simon McCormack - Huff Post
Sept. 4: Ferguson police to be investigated after shooting of Brown - Associated Press - The Guardian
Sept. 4: Scenes From the Ferguson We Didn't See on TV - Gene Demby - NPR 
Sept. 4: Justice Department will investigate Ferguson Police Department - German Lopez - Vox
Sept. 4: STL County Police invites DOJ to review policies, practices - Joe Millitzer and Jeff Bernthal - Fox2Now 
Sept. 4: After Ferguson: Are Christians Even On the Same Page? - Sarah Cunningham - Huff Post
Sept. 3: How municipalities in STL county profit from poverty - Radley Balko - Washington Post
Sept. 3: What Does It Mean To Prevent 'The Next Michael Brown'? - Gene Demby - NPR 
Sept. 3: Teaching About Ferguson - Katherine Schulten et al. - The Times
Sept. 3: How many outsiders does it take to 'Bear Witness' in Ferguson? - Mark Leibovich - The Times
Sept. 3: Justice Dept. to probe Ferguson police force - Sari Horwitz et al. - Washington Post
Sept. 2: Fundraising campaigns for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson - Sarah Larimer - Washington Post
Sept. 2: Mural painted in Michael Brown's memory - Kevin S. Held - WTSP
Sept. 2: Teachers to discuss engaging students on Brown, Ferguson - Alexander Cuenca - Post-Dispatch
Sept. 1: After a Father’s Plea, Few in Missouri Try to Disrupt Traffic - Manny Fernandez - The Times
Sept. 1: Beliefs shape views of Ferguson teen's killing - Associated Press
Aug. 31: Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson - Wesley Lowery and Darryl Fears - Washington Post
Aug. 31: Black Students Raise Hands in Solidarity with Slain Teen - Matthew Q. Clarida - The Harvard Crimson
Aug. 31: Antonio French's star rises from Ferguson unrest - Nicholas J.C. Pistor - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 31: National March on Ferguson Leads Protesters to Police Station [photos] - Riverfront Times
Aug. 30: When Whites Just Don’t Get It - Nicholas Kristof - The Times 
Aug. 30: Are Police Bigoted? - Michael Wines - The Times
Aug. 30: Ferguson turns protest into political power - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 30: Hip-hop moves as strong force for Michael Brown - Associated Press
Aug. 30: At least 6 Ferguson officers have been named in lawsuits - Kimberly Kindy et al. - Washington Post
Aug. 30: At Risk in Senate, Democrats Seek to Rally Blacks - Jonathan Martin - The Times
Aug. 30: At March, Call for Labor Day Highway Protest - Manny Fernandez, Campbell Robertson - The Times
Aug. 30: For African-Americans in St. Louis, a long march for justice - Tim O'Neil - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 30: “Turf Battle” Before Round Of Protests - Joel Anderson and Jim Dalrymple II - BuzzFeed News
Aug. 29: Officer resigns over threats at Ferguson protest - Michael Winter - USA Today
Aug. 29: Why it's objectionable to describe Brown as 'no angel' - Glenn McLeod - LA Times
Aug. 29: Officers off the job after actions during Ferguson protests - Joel Currier - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 28: Coverage from around the country on Michael Brown, Ferguson - Beth O'Malley - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 28: Audio of gunfire in Michael Brown case authenticated - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 28: Police Defend tactics during Michael Brown unrest - Yamiche Alcindor - USA Today
Aug. 28: Hillary Clinton on Ferguson - Zeke J. Miller - Time
Aug. 28: Hillary Clinton: Nation can do better than unrest in Ferguson - Catalina Camia - USA Today
Aug. 27: Why Darren Wilson probably won't go to jail - Amanda Taub - Vox
Aug. 27: My St. Louis then and now - Thabiti Lewis - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 26: Aftermath Protests, Skepticism About Change - Campbell Robertson and Joseph Goldstein - The Times
Aug. 26: New unverified recording may shed more light on Brown shooting - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 26: What Michael Brown’s autopsy can and can’t tell us - Kevin Hartnett - Boston Globe
Aug. 26: Brown's Funeral is Mixed with Tributes, Political Messages - Shereen Marisol Meraji - NPR
Aug. 26: Between the World and Ferguson - Jelani Cobb - New Yorker
Aug. 26: Recording May Capture Shots Fired at Brown - Monica Davey and Michael S. Schmidt - The Times
Aug. 26: After Ferguson - Sarah Kendzior and Umar Lee - Politico
Aug. 26: Michael Brown is not a metaphor, Joe Klein - Melissa Harris-Perry - MSNBC
Aug. 26: What's next in the Michael Brown case? - Holly Yan and Greg Botelho - CNN
Aug. 25: Timeline: Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo. - USA Today
Aug. 25: Where was Ferguson in my Facebook feed? - Jesse Holcomb - Pew Research Center
Aug. 25: Michael Brown 'no angel' controversy - Annie Waldman - BBC
Aug. 25: The Timee called Brown 'no angel.' - German Lopez - Vox
Aug. 25: Michael Brown's Unremarkable Humanity - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic
Aug. 25: Amid Mourning for Michael Brown, Call for Change - Monica Davey - The Times
Aug. 25: Bullets and Ballots - Jelani Cobb - New Yorker 
Aug. 25: The Moms of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Sean Bell Speak Out - CNN
Aug. 24: A Funeral in Ferguson - Charles M. Blow - The Times
Aug. 24: Michael Brown, Grappling With Problems and Promise - John Eligon - The Times
Aug. 24: Subject of iconic photo speaks of anger, excitement - David Hunn - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 24: Latecomers Bring Fresh Outrage To Weary Ferguson - Martin Kaste - NPR
Aug. 24: Schools in Ferguson Area Prepare for an Emotional Opening - Motoko Rich, Mosi Secret - The Times
Aug. 24: She quit her job, took a leap of faith. And then Ferguson erupted - Aisha Sultan - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 24: Brown’s Father Asks People Not To Protest - Joel Anderson and Alison Vingiano - BuzzFeed News
Aug. 24: St. Louis County police forces often don't reflect communities - Doug Moore - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 24: A Major Source Of Racial Tension in One Dramatic Front Page - Judd Legum - ThinkProgress
Aug. 24: Cash raised for Mo. cop surpasses Brown donations - Natalie DiBlasio - USA Today
Aug. 23: Hundreds in Washington Protest Missouri Shooting - Elena Schneider - The Times
Aug. 23: Timeline for a Body: 4 Hours in the Middle of Street - Julie Bosman and Joseph Goldstein - The Times
Aug. 23: Protesters mark two weeks since police shooting in Ferguson - Nick Carey & Edward Mcallister - Reuters
Aug. 23: In Washington, Second Thoughts on Arming Police - Matt Apuzzo and Michael Schmidt - The Times
Aug. 23: Thousands turn out for N.Y. rally over chokehold death - Jessica Guynn - USA Today
Aug. 23: Ferguson's Experience Offers Lessons on Integration - Douglas Belkin, Matthew Dolan - Wall Street Journal
Aug. 22: Black America and the burden of the perfect victim - Touré - Washington Post 
Aug. 22: Los Angeles’s ‘Bank of Trust’ Tempers Reaction - Jennifer Medina - The Times
Aug. 22: Ferguson protests prove transformative for many - Matt Pearce - LA Times
Aug. 22: The Wrong Question: ‘Where Are the Athletes on Ferguson?’ - David Zirin - The Nation
Aug. 22: Black Feminists Respond to Ferguson - Miriam Zoila Pérez - ColorLines
Aug. 22: #Ferguson shows our failure to love our neighbors - Sharon Autenrieth - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 22: Ferguson's Angry Young Men - Joel Anderson - BuzzFeed News
Aug. 22: Ferguson has always been a ‘bad city for black people’ - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 22: High temperatures, lower tension in Ferguson - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 22: ACLU: Michael Brown incident report lacks key details - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 22: Michael Brown’s Parents Speak To CNN - CBS St. Louis
Aug. 22: In Ferguson, Another Quiet Night - Campbell Robertson - The Times
Aug. 21: Talib Kweli Goes Off On CNN About Ferguson Coverage - Carl Lamarre - XXL
Aug. 21: A breakdown of the arrests in Ferguson - Dan Keating et al. - Washington Post
Aug. 21: National Guard Is Pulling Out of Ferguson as Tensions Ease - Julie Bosman et al. - The Times
Aug. 21: What we know about who police kill in America - Dara Lind - Vox
Aug. 21: Face it, blacks. Michael Brown let you down. - dex digital - Culture Club
Aug. 21: Among Whites, Protests Stir a Range of Emotions - Campbell Robertson - The Times
Aug. 21: I will not be returning to Ferguson - Ryan Schuessler - ryanschuessler
Aug. 21: Obama Cares. Look at the Numbers. - Tali Mendelberg and Bennett L. Butler - The Times
Aug. 21: Reactions to the Shooting in Ferguson, Mo., Have Sharp Racial Divides - The Times
Aug. 21: Poll Shows Broad Divisions Amid Missouri Turmoil -  Tanzina Vega, Megan Thee-Brenan - The Times
Aug. 21: Everything That Went Wrong in Ferguson - Josh Voorhees - Slate
Aug. 21: Time And Businessweek's Ferguson Covers Are Stunning - Jack Mirkinson - Huff Post
Aug. 21: Educators Use Twitter To Teach About Ferguson, Build Syllabuses - Erica Smith - St. Louis PublicRadio
Aug. 21: Ferguson schools to double counseling staff - Jolie Lee - USA Today
Aug. 21: 5 disturbing stats on black-white inequality - Tami Luhby - CNN Money
Aug. 21: Poll Finds Racial Divide in Viewing Response to Ferguson - Marjorie Connelly - The Times
Aug. 21: Community activism lauded in calm Ferguson protests - Kurtis Lee - LA Times
Aug. 21: Edwardsville Schools: Don’t Talk About Michael Brown, Ferguson in Class - CBS St. Louis
Aug. 21: Missouri’s tortured history of racism - Joe Conason - Salon 
Aug. 21: A Night of Relatively Calm Protests in Ferguson - Joseph Goldstein and Mosi Secret - The Times
Aug. 20: Why Facebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson - John McDermott - Digiday
Aug. 20: Most Police Don’t Live In The Cities They Serve - Nat Silver - FiveThirtyEight 
Aug. 20: Attorney General Eric Holder to students: ‘I am also a black man’ - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 20: Cop was badly beaten before shooting, says source - Hollie McKay - Fox News 
Aug. 20: Holder in Ferguson Recalls Being 'Angry' After Police Encounter - Erin Dooley - ABC News
Aug. 20:  In Ferguson, who owns the night? - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 20: Chaos in Ferguson Is Fueled by Tangle of Leadership - Monica Davey, Tanzina Vega - The Times
Aug. 20: Strange Fruit in Ferguson - Mychal Denzel Smith - The Nation 
Aug. 20: A Fair Inquiry for Michael Brown - The Editorial Board - The Times
Aug. 20: Behind the Best Pictures From Ferguson - Joe Coscarelli - New York Magazine
Aug. 20: Michael Brown Family To March In New York For Eric Garner - Inae Oh - Huff Post
Aug. 20: County police report 155 arrests since Michael Brown was killed - Wesley Lowery - Washington Post
Aug. 20: Acting Tough. Risking Their Lives. Hiding Their Fear. - Amanda Wills - Mashable
Aug. 20: Quiet Night Turns Confrontational in Ferguson - Alan Blinder & Campbell Robertson - The Times
Aug. 19: Nobody Knows How Many Americans The Police Kill Each Year - Reuben Fischer-Baum - FiveThirtyEight
Aug. 19: How Strong Is the Legal Case Against Darren Wilson? - Pema Levy - Newsweek 
Aug. 19: Shared Vision, Varying Styles - Peter Baker & Matt Apuzzo - The Times
Aug. 19: Shooting Accounts Differ - Frances Robles and Michael S. Schmidt - The Times
Aug. 19: A message to the people of Ferguson - Eric Holder - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 19: In Ferguson, MO., A City Meets the Spotlight - Gene Demby - NPR
Aug. 19: Federal investigators interview hundreds in Brown shooting - Richard A. Serrano et al. - LA Times
Aug. 19: Eric Holder asks Ferguson for ‘cooperation and patience’ - Nick Ramsey - MSNBC
Aug. 19: Obama advisers tell Af-Am leaders justice will prevail - Nakamura and Zezima - Washington Post
Aug. 19: St. Louis Cops Shoot and Kill Man Near Ferguson - NBC News
Aug. 19: Cities Rocked by Past Unrest Offer Lessons - Michael Wines - The Times
Aug. 19: National Guard Troops Fail to Quell Unrest in Ferguson - Monica Davey et al. - The Times
Aug. 18: Week of Outcry and Confrontation in Ferguson [photographs] -- The Times
Aug. 18: How the rest of the world sees Ferguson - Adam Taylor and Rick Noack - Washington Post
Aug. 18: Attorney General Statement on Latest Developments - US Department of Justice
Aug. 18: Americans Still Deeply Divided On Racial Issues - Claudia Koerner - BuzzFeed News
Aug. 18: What It Was Like In The Streets On Ferguson’s Worst Night - Joel Anderson - BuzzFeed News
Aug. 18: Reparations for Ferguson - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic
Aug. 18: Violence again puts Obama in the spotlight on race - Zeke J. Miller - Time
Aug. 18: Mistrust between cops and residents in Ferguson developed over years - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 18: National Guard is in Ferguson, peaceful protests underway - Molly Hennessy-Fiske et al. - LA Times
Aug. 18: Michael Brown Shooting Aftermath - Interview with Piaget Crenshaw [video] 
Aug. 18: Michael Brown shot 6 times, had marijuana in system - E. Wax-Thibodeaux et al. - Washington Post
Aug. 18: CNN's Don Lemon pushed around by STL cops - Arturo Garcia - Raw Story
Aug. 18: Don Lemon on Ferguson - Katherine Fung - Huff Post
Aug. 18: Obama sends Holder to Ferguson - Zachary Roth and Michele Richinick - MSNBC
Aug. 18: Curfew dropped in Ferguson; attorney general to visit - Y. Alcindor & J. Bacon - USA Today
Aug. 17: Frustration in Ferguson - Charles M. Blow - The Times 
Aug. 17: Michael Eric Dyson spells it: Police won't 'kill your child' - David Edwards - Raw Story
Aug. 17: Michael Brown's rap: money, sex..and a vulnerable side - Matt Hansen and Kurtis Lee - LA Times
Aug. 17: Capt. Ron Johnson: 'I Am Sorry' For Brown's Death - Scott Neuman - NPR
Aug. 17: In Ferguson, Black Town, White Power - Jeff Smith - The Times
Aug. 17: Ferguson community unity is fractured by violence - Amanda Sakuma and Adam Howard - MSNBC
Aug. 17: Autopsy Shows Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times - Frances Robles and Julie Bosman - The Times
Aug. 17: Autopsy reveals Michael Brown was shot at least 6 times - Adam Howard - MSNBC
Aug. 17: A Movement Grows in Ferguson - Jelani Cobb - New Yorker
Aug. 17: At rally, civil-rights attorney calls Brown shooting 'an execution' - Yamiche Alcindor - USA Today
Aug. 17: Ferguson police officer was 'doing his job', say supporters - Jon Swaine - The Guardian 
Aug. 17: Curfew goes into effect in Ferguson [photo essay] - MSNBC
Aug. 17: Eric Holder Authorizes Second Autopsy of Michael Brown - Mollie Reilly - Huff Post
Aug. 17: Holder Orders DOJ to Do Further Autopsy on Michael Brown - Hasani Gittens - NBC News
Aug. 17: Some clashes in Ferguson despite night curfew - Ellen Wulfhorst - Reuters
Aug, 17: Ferguson protests turn violent - Trymaine Lee and Amanda Sakuma - MSNBC
Aug. 17: Police Arrest Protesters Who Defied Curfew - Julie Bosman and Alan Blinder - The Times
Aug. 16: Mounting racial, economic stress set stage for turmoil - Tim Loban, Molly Hennessy-Fiske - LA Times 
Aug. 16: Gov. Nixon declares state of emergency, curfew in Ferguson - Trymaine Lee, David Taintor - MSNBC
Aug. 16: Calm unravels in Ferguson - Trymaine Lee and Amanda Sakuma - MSNBC
Aug. 16: Ferguson: When Will It End? - Joel Anderson - BuzzFeed News
Aug. 16: Gov. Declares Emergency, Orders Curfew - Alan Blinder, Emma G. Fitzsimmons - The Times
Aug. 16: Around St. Louis, a Circle of Rage - Tanzina Vega and John Eligon - The Times
Aug. 16: Code Switch Roundup: On Race, Policing, and Ferguson - Gene Demby - NPR 
Aug. 16: Protesters and Police Face Off Again on Ferguson Streets - Alan Blinder - The Times
Aug. 16: Firsthand account [from Antonio French] of how protesters protected Ferguson  - Lauren Williams - Vox
Aug. 16: Ferguson Protesters Guard Stores From Looters - Braden Goyette - Huff Post
Aug. 16: A Youth, an Officer and 2 Paths to a Fatal Encounter - Julie Bosman et al. - The Times
Aug. 15: Why did Ferguson police release the convenience store video? - Adam Serwer - MSNBC
Aug. 15: High school student organizes moment of silence - Blayne Alexander - KSDK 
Aug. 15: Understanding These Three Things about Ferguson - Jeffrey Smith - New Republic
Aug. 15: White St. Louis Has Some Awful Things to Say About Ferguson - Julia Ioffe - New Republic
Aug. 15: Watch Ferguson Shooting Take Over Twitter in Graphic - Harry Bradford - Huff Post
Aug. 15: Police: Brown stopped because he blocked traffic - Trymaine Lee and  Michele Richinick - MSNBC
Aug. 15: Rand Paul’s race moment - Burgess Everett - Politico 
Aug. 15: What Matters in Ferguson - Mychal Denzel Smith - The Nation
Aug. 15: Did this Ferguson resident live-tweet Michael Brown's killing? - Matthew Yglesias - Vox
Aug. 15: Let’s Be Real - Wesley Morris - Grnatland
Aug. 15: Is Race An Issue In Ferguson? Depends on whom you ask - Joel Anderson - BuzzFeed News
Aug. 15: The Front Lines of Ferguson - Rembert Browne - Grantland
Aug. 15: Black People Are Not Ignoring 'Black On Black' Crime - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic 
Aug. 15: Some Answers, More Questions in Ferguson - Jelani Cobb - New Yorker 
Aug. 15: Darren Wilson identified as officer who shot teenager - Alan Blinder and Timothy Williams - The Times
Aug. 15: Paul’s Ferguson essay triggers talk of Republican shift on race - Steve Goldstein - Marketwatch
Aug. 14: What I Saw in Ferguson - Jelani Cobb - The New Yorker
Aug. 14: With Highway Patrol, hugs & kisses replace tear gas in Ferguson - Wesley Lowery - Washington Post
Aug. 14: We Must Demilitarize the Police - Rand Paul - Time
Aug. 14: Sites of Protests and Police Confrontation in Ferguson - The Times
Aug. 14: In Wake of Clashes, Calls to Demilitarize Police - Julie Bosman and Matt Apuzzo - The Times
Aug. 14: Images Evoke Civil Rights Era - Randy Kennedy and Jennifer Schuessler - The Times
Aug. 14: Ferguson highlights police use of military gear and tactics - Robert Patrick - Post-Dispatch
Aug. 14: How Ferguson's citizens can take back power - Dorothy A. Brown - CNN
Aug. 14: Police official rips Obama over Ferguson comments - David Jackson - USA Today
Aug. 14: New Ferguson Police Commander Ron Johnson Walks With Protesters - Huff Post
Aug. 14: Justice Department questions witnesses in Ferguson shooting - Matt Pearce et al. - LA Times
Aug. 14: STL police chief does not support militarized tactics in Ferguson - Jeremy Kohler - Post-Dispatch  
Aug. 14: Missouri Highway Patrol to Direct Security in Ferguson - Julie Bosman et al. - The Times
Aug. 14: Howard University Students Stand Up for Michael Brown - Maya Rhodan - Time
Aug. 14: Statement by Eric Holder on Developments in Ferguson - US Department of Justice
Aug. 14: America's criminal justice system is racist - Ezra Klein - Vox
Aug. 14: Seattle's former police chief speaks out on Ferguson, police militarization - Amanda Taub - Vox
Aug. 14: "The shooting of Michael Brown was the final straw" - German Lopez - Vox
Aug. 14: Timeline: The Michael Brown shooting - Aja J. Williams - USA Today
Aug. 14: Governor vows a 'different tone' on Ferguson streets - Yamiche Alcindo et al.- USA Today
Aug. 14: Obama Calls for Open Inquiry Into Police Shooting of Teenager - Julie Bosman - The Times
Aug. 14: New witness emerges in the shooting death of Brown - Trymaine Lee & Rachel Kleinman - MSNBC
Aug. 14: Frontline activism boosts Antonio French's profile - David Hunn - Post-Dispatch 
Aug. 14: Anger Simmers in Missouri; Hackers Claim to Name Officer - Julie Bosman - The Tmes
Aug. 14: Alderman Antonio French arrested in Ferguson - Laura Mandaro - USA Today
Aug. 14: Michael Brown shooting unearths Ferguson’s deeper troubles - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 13: Ferguson Is 60 Percent Black - Hannah Levintova et al. - Mother Jones
Aug. 13: The Anger in Ferguson - Jelani Cobb - New Yorker
Aug. 13: Before Ferguson: Deaths of other black men at hands of police - Tina Susman - LA Times
Aug. 13: Michael Brown and Black Men - Charles M. Blow - The Times
Aug. 13: Before slaying, racial questions hung over police - Wesley Lowery et al - Washington Post 
Aug. 13: "Hands up, don't shoot" spreads beyond Missouri - Lauren Williams - Vox
Aug. 13: Hands up, don't shoot - Lauren Williams - Vox
Aug. 13: Ferguson police use tear gas on protesters, arrest at least 2 reporters - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 13: US attorney launches civil rights investigation into Michael Brown case - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 13: Police shoot again following killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 13: Michael Brown shooting unearths Ferguson’s deeper troubles - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 13: In Ferguson, the blurred line between law enforcement and combat - Adam Serwer - MSNBC
Aug. 13: 2 reporters detained in Ferguson, Mo - Ryan Parker and Laura Davis - LA Times
Aug. 13: Another witness to Brown shooting comes forward - Robin Smith - Kmov
Aug. 13: Statement On The False Arrest Of Reporters Ryan Reilly And Wesley Lowery - Ryan Grim - Huff Post
Aug. 13: Wednesday Night in Ferguson, USA - Elliot Hannon - Slate
Aug. 13: Washington Post reporter arrested in Ferguson - Mark Berman - Washington Post
Aug. 12: How computer hackers changed the Ferguson protests - David Hunn - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Aug. 12: Stark Racial Disparities In Ferguson, Missouri - Braden Goyette - Huff Post
Aug. 12: Tear Gas fired on Protesters Standing in Their Own Backyard - Ray Downs - Riverfront Times
Aug. 12: Obama Issues a Statement on the Death of Michael Brown - The White House Blog
Aug. 12: The Death of Michael Brown - Editorial Board - The Times
Aug. 12: Police Cite Safety Risk in Decision Not to Name Officer - Bosman & Williams - The Times 
Aug. 12: After Shooting, a Twitter Hashtag Questions Portrayal of Blacks - Tanzina Vega - The Times
Aug. 12: In defense of black rage - Brittney Cooper - Salon
Aug. 12: The Death of Michael Brown and the Search for Justice - Mychal Denzel Smith - The Nation
Aug. 12: Obama releases statement on death of Michael Brown, Jr. - Adam McDonald - KMOV.com
Aug. 12: St Louis streets tense as family awaits autopsy results - Nick O'Malley - Sidney Morning Herald
Aug. 11: STL alderman offering terrifying look at chaos in Ferguson - Lauren Williams - Vox
Aug. 11: Why Did Michael Brown Die in Ferguson? - Amy Davidson - The New Yorker  
Aug. 11: Riot erupts near St. Louis over police shooting of teen - Chicago Tribune
Aug. 11: Eyewitness to Michael Brown shooting recounts his friend’s death - Trymaine Lee - MSNBC
Aug. 11: Michael Brown's Story As Told By His Friend, Dorin Johnson  [video]
Aug. 11: F.B.I. Steps In Amid Unrest - Julie Bosman and Erica Goode - The Times
Aug. 11: We need justice, not more violence - Editors - St. Louis American
Aug. 11: Calm Monday morning after violent night in Ferguson - Steve Giegerich - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Aug. 11: Twitter Users Ask What Photo Media Would Use #IfTheyGunnedMeDown - Laura Stampler - Time
Aug. 11: Michael Brown’s Death Didn’t Happen in a Vacuum - Jamilah King - ColorLines 
Aug. 11: In St. Louis, Police Shooting of Michael Brown Leads to Rioting - Jonathan P. Hicks - BET
Aug. 11: Post-Dispatch front page captures Ferguson burning -  Abby Phillip - Washington Post
Aug. 11: FBI opens investigation into shooting of Michael Brown - Mark Berman - Washington Post
Aug. 11: Holder: Death of teen deserves review - Fantz, Howell, Shoichet - CNN
Aug. 11: Black shooting victims face trial by social media - Adam Serwer - MSNBC
Aug. 11: The Michael Brown shooting - Jonathan Capehart - Washington Post
Aug. 11: FBI steps into probe of unarmed Mo. teen's shooting - E. Matthews and C. Coleman - USA Today
Aug. 11: Benjamin Crump Representing Brown's Family After Fatal Shooting - Danielle Cadet - Huff Post
Aug. 11: Michael Brown’s family hires civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump - The Grio
Aug. 11: FBI to open probe into Michael Brown shooting in Missouri - Steven Benen - MSNBC
Aug. 11: STL police chief says fight over cop's gun led to fatal shooting - Eli Rosenberg - NY Daily News
Aug. 11: Michael Brown and disparity of due process - Editorial Board  - St. Louis Post Dispatch
Aug. 11: Night of Unrest Over Police Killing of St. Louis Teenager - Bosman & Fitzsimmons - The Times
Aug. 11: Vigil for St Louis teenager killed by police descends into violence - The Guardian
Aug. 11: Grief and Protests Follow Shooting of a Teenager - Bosman and Fitzsimmons - The Times
Aug. 11: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown shows how selfies shape history - Soraya N. McDonald - Washington Post
Aug. 11: Police killing prompts rioting, looting near St. Louis - Lindsey Bever - Washington Post
Aug. 10: Anonymous - #OpFerguson [video]
Aug. 10: Unarmed teen Michael Brown killed by Ferguson Police - St. Louis American
Aug. 10: ‘Anonymous’ hacks City of Ferguson website - Adam McDonald & Stephanie Baumer - KMOV
Aug. 10: Police In Missouri Reportedly Killed An Unarmed Teenager - Jim Dalrymple II - BuzzFeedNews
Aug. 10: ‘Rising anger': STL alderman Antonio French tweets from protest over shooting of teen - Twitchy 
Aug. 9: Ferguson police shoot, kill teen - Jimmy Bernhard & Grant Bissell - KSDK
Aug. 9: Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis; residents protest - Maya Srikrishan - LA Times
Aug. 9: Anger, confrontation after fatal shooting of teen - Leah Thorsen - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Aug. 9: Social media posts from scene of Ferguson shooting - Beth O'Malley - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
Aug. 9:  Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Black Teenager; Outraged Town Protests - Andrew Kirell - Mediaite  

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1 comment:

Joel Hardman said...

And this: http://www.salon.com/2014/08/12/in_defense_of_black_rage_michael_brown_police_and_the_american_dream/

Reminds us that "Should people be rioting/looting?" is a stupid question, but "Why are people angry?" is a good one.