Thursday, July 17, 2014

Natural Hair Anniversary: 14 months

Briana Whiteside

January 2014 & July 2014

14 months ago today, I did the big chop. Initially, the experience was very difficult, however, it has proven to be very rewarding. Since I big chopped, I have chronicled my progress on Pinterest, the Cultural Front blog, and become an unofficial advocate for natural hair.

My journey to obtain big and healthy hair has been a continuous effort to remain true to myself. With each month that passes, I am reminded of the progress that I’ve made and the growth that I’ve undergone.

Yet, I am still a bit self-conscious about my hair in the work place. Working in Corporate America with a natural fro still warrants uncomfortable stares. This reminds me that work still needs to be done.

Overall, going natural, or returning natural as some women say, has been rewarding. Aside from the versatility of the styles, and the changing textures of my hair, I am glad that I have become part of a larger community of dope women.

Today I am about 2 inches away from the length of my hair before I did the big chop. My hair is no longer growing upward or outward, but downward because of the weight.
Briana Whiteside is a graduate student  at the University of Alabama and a contributing writer for the Cultural Front.      

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