Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A timeline of support & critique concerning My Brother's Keeper

February 27: Obama announces My Brother’s Keeper’s Initiative. 

May 28: Group of 200 “concerned” black men, including Danny Glover , Robin Kelley, and Byron Hurt, among others, present letter urging Obama to include black girls and women in the Initiative

May 30: Presidential Task Force for My Brother’s Keeper releases 90-day Task Force report on Initiative.

June 2: Al Sharpton publishes article in support of My Brother’s Keeper in the Huffington Post.

June 13: The Black Women’s Roundtable, a civic engagement group, presented a letter in support of the Initiative and expressed disagreement with the letter from the “concerned” black men.

June 17: A group of 1,000 black women, including Alice Walker, Anita Hill, Mary Frances Berry, among others, present letter urging inclusion of black girls and women in Initiative

June 21: Dillard University President Walter M. Kimbrough publishes article entitled “Stop Writing Letters, Just do the work" in The Root.

June 29: National Women’s Leadership organization presents letter in support of My Brother’s Keeper.

Coverage of My Brother's Keeper

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